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SUMMER ACTING CAMP is an exciting experience in “Triple Threat” – Acting, Singing and Dancing!

  1. Acting. Students begin by writing their own resumes and being photographed for headshots. Initially they participate in table readings; they select roles they want and audition for the parts.  
  2. Vocal Coaching. Spoken language and communication skills will improve as students learn elocution, projection, and interpretation through memorization and delivery of monologues and dialogs written specifically for children.   
  3. Performance Skills.  Students have fun in “Acting Games” that develop interpretation skills, timing, stage deportment, focus and self-discipline. Students develop better listening skills and learn the importance of following written and spoken directions given on and off stage. 
  4. Singing. Experience will include solo and group singing, ear training, “Solfege” and sight singing music, breathing techniques; singing in unison and harmony, “A cappella” and with accompaniment. Students will learn about different skills needed at a Mic, in a chorus, and when moving or dancing on stage.  
  5. Dancing. Students have the opportunity to explore a variety of disciplines including lyrical, hip-hop, tap and ballet, as they work with dance instructors and choreographers to learn skills and routines to be incorporated into the final Musical Production. 
  6. Back-stage:  Props, Settings, Costumes, Make-up, Lighting, Sound & Production. During the process of getting ready to “put on a show,” students enjoy being part of the components of a stage production.
  7. Summer Acting Camp Students transform into “Marquee Stars!”  Their personalities, talents and skills will be showcased in the grand finale and Musical Production for families and friends! 
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